The Ocean State’s Best Outdoor Dining

There are 2 things that are incredibly hard to find in Arizona: good seafood and people that were born and raised here.

That being said, my wife and I (like most Arizonans) make it an annual tradition to escape the summer heat and head back to the place that we call home – Rhode Island. There is no feeling that can compare to returning to a bar or restaurant that you haven’t been to in over a year and having the Wi-Fi on your phone connect automatically. That’s when you truly know you are home!

Rhode Island is a tiny state but there is much to do and no lack of quality seafood. If you find yourself venturing out of the Valley and visiting the smallest state in the US, here is a spot you need to check out.

Matunuck Oyster Bar

The Matunuck Oyster Bar is located in South Kingstown, only 30 minutes from Newport, in a classic beach house style building. This 2 story structure is adorned with weathered grey wooden shingles, large white trimmed windows and sits alongside the picturesque banks of Potter Pound.

In my opinion, this restaurant offers one of the best outdoor dining experiences that Rhode Island has to offer. The concept for Matunuck Oyster Bar is “simple food, fairly priced, fresh products, and making sure everybody leaves happy.”


The Matunuck Oyster Bar literally offers Pond to Plate dining. As you enjoy the mouth-watering selection of New England seafood staples, you can watch the fresh oysters being harvested from the waterfront patio.


The fresh delicious seafood, the beautiful and tranquil seaside ambiance and the quarter-mile proximity to the sandy shores of East Matunuck beach make this a must-visit destination on all of our trips back to the Ocean State.


– AZ Survival Guide

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